Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many people can use a single FrontMeter account?
A. Single account can only be used, by you or one client. You are solely responsible to keep your login credentials confidential. If you do not follow the terms, FrontMeter reserves the right to suspend or terminate your use of the Website.

Q. Is FrontMeter a monthly or yearly subscription? 
A. No it’s a one-time payment with a lifetime access.

Q. Can I publish my pages on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal Etc.? 
A. Absolutely! You can publish your pages on any CMS including but not limited to:
1- Wordpress
2- Joomla
3- Drupal
4- ExpressionEngine
5- TextPattern
6- Contao
7- SilverStripe
8- Umbraco
 9- Concrete5
10- CushyCMS

Q. What languages does FrontMeter support? 
A. FrontMeter is the only page builder that supports all 6,909+ languages. It supports languages such as Arabic, English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian etc.

Q. Can I publish my pages on Facebook? 
A. Yes, FrontMeter allows you to copy html and publish your pages as Facebook tabs. You can do this in less than a minute.

Q. Is FrontMeter mobile responsive? 
A. All of the templates featured on are mobile responsive. You won't need to make any changes for the pages to be optimized for mobile devices. But if you are using the ProScanner version then it all depends on the page structure you're entering in the Scan Bar. If you will enter responsive page URL then you will get responsive page and if you will enter non-responsive page URL then you will get non-responsive page.

Q. My email marketing provider is not on your list. How do I know if my provider's code will work in your system? 
A. There's not a single email marketing provider that do not work in our system. If it doesn't work, please contact our support team ASAP.

Q. Can I use my FrontMeter account on multiple domains (and on client domains)? 
A. Absolutely. You can use your FrontMeter account with unlimited number of domains.

Q. Is FrontMeter updated, and how much do updates cost? 
A. Yes, we update FrontMeter “occasionally”, and all updates are totally free.

Q. After I purchase, how do I receive the login details? 
A. You will receive an email within a few minutes with the login credentials. Please double check your spam or junk mail folder if the email did not arrive.

Q. My page is not loading properly in ProScanner, what should I do?
A. Please make sure that the page you are entering is not wrapped in "IFRAME" and is coded properly. Our team is 99.99 percent certain that FrontMeter works on all html pages except the poorly structured html pages or those that have been blocked by the website admin. 

Q. Do you have an affiliate program? 
A. Yes, we have an affiliate program. But as our tool is very popular and selling like a hot cake on its own, so our affiliate program is only available for selected bloggers/marketers. Please ask our customer support for more information about our affiliate program and they'll hook you up with everything that you need.

Q. What other payment options do you have?
A. At this stage we only accept payments via

Q. What happens if I have lost my login credentials? 
A. You can recover your login credentials by using "Forgot Password" option on Login Page.

Q. I have a product/service based on FrontMeter, or want to write a blog post showing how cool it is, can i use screenshots or logo’s from FrontMeter? 
A. Yes sure, no problems.

Q. I have questions not answered here can I contact you? 
A. Sure you can submit any questions using the contact form and we will be in touch typically within 12 hours.